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Investment in Algeria

Relevant documents

Civil status

Birth registration

Please take note of the following general information

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The special extract of birth certificate ’12S

What is it?

It is an extract of birth certificate, issued once in a lifetime, on a special and secured paper, this document is compulsory for the issuance of the biometric passport.

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Marriage & divorce

Important notes:

Please take note of the following general information:

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Death & transfer of corpse

One of the main tasks of the the Algerian Consulate is to provide assistance to families of Algerian Nationals who die abroad. The consular officer is committed to assist the family in making arrangements with local authorities for the preparation and transfer to Algeria of the remains of the deceased, in accordance with the family's wishes and local as well as Algerian regulations. However, the Consulate does not pay the transfer of the remains (read the note below).

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Budapest, Zugligeti út 27., 1121
Tél: +36 1 392 0510


For consular affairs:

VISAs requests are available only: Tuesdays and Thursdays and as following:
Opening hours for:

  • 1-Lodging of applications: 9:00 am to 13:00 pm
  • 2-Collection: 14:00 am to 15:30 pm.
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