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Consular affairs

First registration

Consular registration and the issuance of a consular registration card are processed for citizens aged 19 years and older. For an algerian woman married with an algerian national she can be registered as a subsidiary along with the husband principal registration as well as children under 19, they are registered with the parents as subsidiary.

-Consular registration is available only on these following days: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Please provide the following documents when applying for consular registration:

  1. First registration application form filled in and signed by the applicant;
  2. Information sheet filled in and signed by the applicant;
  3. Original full birth certificate (copie intégrale E.C. 12);
  4. Original father's full birth or death certificate;
  5. Original Mother's birth  or death Certificate.
  6. Applicants born abroad (outside Algeria) must provide the birth or death certificate of their grand-father or a certificate of algerian nationality;
  7. 6. Original and a copy of proof of legal residence in Hungary or Slovenia (leave to remain, student visa, work permit visa, Hungarian or Slovenian passport. For those holding other european passport, please provide the blue card from the home office);
  8. 7. Proof of address in the Hungary or Slovenia (Copy of any utility bill);
  9. Six (6) (similar) recent passport-sized photographs;
  10. Proof of employment or enrolment certificate for students;
  11. Copy of the marriage certificate (for married citizens);
  12. Original algerian passport and photocopies of pages 1, 2, 3 including visa endorsement page, if the applicant does not hold an algerian passport, he/she must provide, if applicable, the algerian identity card and/or military card;
  13. A stamped self-addressed envelope when applying by mail (for the safety of your documents, we recommend a recorded delivery envelope).

Important notes:

  • Incomplete files: Incomplete files will be returned to the sender if the application is made by post and not accepted if lodged at the Consulate;
  • Processing time: If the applicant is still in possession of his previous passport and has had leave to remain granted under immigration rules, the processing time will take 30 working days or more. However in case of loss of passport, the procedure may take longer (more than 3 months);
  • Please be advised that original records of civil status are required for first registration. Faxed or photocopied, even notarized, are not accepted;
  • Additional documents related to the applicant's personal or professional profile may be requested;
  • The consular registration card (carte d’immatriculation consulaire) is valid for five (05) years from the date of issue and is free of charge;
  • Citizens are hereby informed that their names will be removed from the consular registers and from the electoral roll if they do not renew the consular registration card during period of time of 10 years. Once their names are removed they are no more registered and must apply for a new registration 
  • Also please fill th following form: 
  • Consular registration

    Fill out the form carefully for registration