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Important notice:This is to inform all citizens as well as foreigners seeking visas that the consulate is no more providing forms for any kind of application. All the forms in use at the consulate are available online and can be downloaded from the list below. Therefore, citizens are strongly advised to download and fill the form(s) they need before coming to the consulate.

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First registration

Consular registration and the issuance of a consular registration card are processed for citizens aged 19 years and older. For an algerian woman married with an algerian national she can be registered as a subsidiary along with the husband principal registration as well as children under 19, they are registered with the parents as subsidiary.

-Consular registration is available only on these following days: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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Registration renewal

Please note that the documents needed for the renewal of the consular registration are the same as for the first one. However, and in order to make things easier, some documents will not be requested, such as the birth certificate (unless there is a change in the applicant's situation).

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File transfer

Algerian Nationals already registered at an Algerian Embassy or Consulate abroad and currently residing permanently in Hungary or Slovenia should ask for the transfer of their Registration file.

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Non-registered citizens

Citizens who are not registered at the Consulate can apply for the following documents:

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Biometric passport

The consulate of Algeria in Budapest hereby informs all algerian citizens residing within its consular district (Hungary and Slovenia) and registered at the consulate that the procedure of the biometric passport has started.

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Terminating residency (CCR):

If you are planning to leave Hungary or the Republic of Slovenia for good, then you may wish to apply for a certificate of change of residency (Certificat de Changement de Residence) or abridged CCR.

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National service

National Service registration (Recensement) is compulsory and takes place at the age of 18. This procedure is automatically carried out by the Consulate for all Algerian nationals born in Hungary or the Republic of Slovenia, as well as those who are registered at the consulate.

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Child kafala

Algerian Nationals registered at the Consulate in Budapest can apply to adopt an Algerian infant (Kafala or Recueil Legal are the words used for in the Algerian Legislation).

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Criminal record (casier judiciaire)

It is now possible to request and obtain criminal record (Bulletin N° 3) at the consulate.

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Travel document (Laissez-Passer)

  • The Laissez-passer is a travel document issued in exceptional cases to enable the beneficiary to go back to Algeria. It cannot be used as an identity document.
  • The Laissez-passer has a very limited validity and should only be used to enter Algeria on a direct flight.
  • The laissez-passer is issued to an Algerian citizen not registered at the Consulate who has declared the loss or the theft of his passport and who intends to return to Algeria as soon as possible.

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Power of attorney (Procuration)

This document is issued to enable an Algerian citizen living in Hungary or the Republic of Slovenia to appoint someone to carry out an administrative or judicial procedure on his behalf in Algeria. For example, the power of attorney can be used to buy or sell a property in Algeria, to run a business On the contrary, it cannot be used for marriage.

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Parental Authorisation for Travel

An Algerian minor travelling to Algeria on his own or with his mother must have parental authorisation for travel to be applied for by the father who must be present at the consulate to sign the said document in the presence of the officer in charge.

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Accommodation certificate

Importante note:

The Algerian Embassy in Budapest informs the Algerian citizens in Hungary and the Republic of Slovenia that the accommodation certificate is no longer issued by the Consulate to support applications for visa.

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Legalisation of commercial documents

The consulate processes the legalisation of commercial documentation stated below. Prior to that, it should be legalised and certified by the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce.

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Renouvellement de bourse:

Toute demande de renouvellement de bourse est subordonnée à l'envoi par l'étudiant, dés que les résultats définitifs sont disponibles, de la fiche de suivi pédagogique qui lui est transmise par le poste consulaire accompagnée de documents justificatifs définis pour chaque catégorie (gradué, post–gradué, changement de cycle etc....).

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According to the Organic Law No. 12-01 of 12 January 2012 relating to the electoral system in particular Articles 6 and 7, the Consulate recalls that:

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Transfer of properties

Transfer of property in an estate:

Property acquired through inheritance are admitted and are exempt from customs control formalities of Foreign Trade, exchange and duties and taxes

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Consular services fees

Consular services fees / Tarification des prestations consulaires

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For consular affairs:

VISAs requests are available only: Tuesdays and Thursdays and as following:
Opening hours for:

  • 1-Lodging of applications: 9:00 am to 13:00 pm
  • 2-Collection: 14:00 am to 15:30 pm.
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